Life is a one long road.

I’ve travelled some distance and there’s more to go.

Uphill, downhill, left or right; I took the turns that I had to take.

Missed some. Chose not to take the others.

It has been one fantastic journey and I want to enrich it even further.

What if I could get another chance at the turns I wanted to take?

What if I could follow the passions I know are still alive deep inside me?

What if I could pursue that hobby that I had never thought I had time for?

What if I could redesign my life and achieve unprecedented results?

Is this possible?

Can this become possible?


Welcome to the World of Possibilities.

It just takes one small step to turn


We are there to help you take that first step.

We chose to call ourselves NeoPatterns.

Not by chance

Because that is exactly what we do

You may have spent countless hours learning in school, university or training program.

 Have you ever really learnt “Why we do, What We Do?

We too shall not give you those answers.

We stay by your side as you identify your existing patterns and will hold your hand in your path to discovery.

We will also be by your side as you discover new patterns for yourself and many more in your journey that elevates your life.

We are by your side to get you connected to your core strengths.

Our commitment is for you to take actions.

Actions to be the Best Version.