Executive Coaching : catalyst for powerful leadership
Ryan Mascarenhas

GM & Head L&OD and COE at Godrej Properties Limited

I was delighted to be a part of the Neuroscience based Leadership Development peogram for CHROs and CLOs. The NeoPatterns team has done their homework in making neuroscience concepts practical and implementable. As an L&OD practitioner, I received key insights into the foundations of behavior and the tools to work with the underlying belief systems. The program structure especially the one-on-one coaching made for an immersive learning experience and my coach Vibhuti was superb in enabling deep dive and reflection. I would unreservedly recommend the program to other CLOs.

Arjya Kumar Mishra

AVP - HR, Genus Power and Infrastructures Limited

Necessity is the mother of invention – this quote is appropriate while describing the relationship between NeoPatterns and Genus. At Genus, we are committed for professional and personal growth of each individual working with us. The discussion / meeting started with a requirement to engage an executive coach for our leadership team. The meeting was so positive that we could decide the engagement in the first instance. I must appreciate Sanjeev Ji and Medha were so courteous and live their philosophy of designing lives. The journey started and we could conduct multiple programs with them. I must not say those are programs but they work as change catalyst as cultural change agent. Many more such OD interventions are to be designed along with the highly competent team. Appreciated … Thanks you very much to the whole team. Surely looking towards a long term association. Great Job.

Professional and Entrepreneur Coaching : carve destiny
Ashok kumar Tyagi


It is totally different program. It is not knowledge transfer program rather it is a behavior changing workshop. It has given me the clear understanding that I can make myself a better leader and a better human being only by understanding my conscious and unconscious responses. To be successful one should make physical structure and follow them. The coach /mentor here are very knowledgeable and committed under this atmosphere. I found myself a totally different person.

Mahima Sarabhai

My experience in the workshop was wonderful. It was a professionally imparted/executed workshop wherein the concepts were delivered with great simplicity and I could adapt to the changes that I really wanted to bring about using these concepts. The coaches were awesome and I would like to acknowledge whole team for giving us such a wonderful experience. I can say with assurance that from now onwards I will definitely and responsible person who listens patiently acknowledges others efforts, works from positive forwarding patterns towards achievement of organisational and personal goals.

Bhawna Dalmia

Analytics - MRM McCann, India

This program has put everything in context to me. The choices, how to go about it, how to ultimately achieve my dreams and live a very very content life, is all in my hands. NeoPatterns has taught me how to make relationships more meaningful, how to not focus on the nitty-gritties of life when my goals are so important. So, with this program, I think I can achieve anything that I want.

The Life Workshop
Gunjan Karthik

Each one of us face one such personal or professional challenge which we might be struggling with for years. I have always heard the solution lies within us. I had the privilege to really experience it this time! NeoPatterns program structure and flow of the process is extremely logical which helps one to implement it sustainably. One word to describe this would be “Breakthrough”!

Nishi Kumari

Now I can find my negative thoughts and how to recover from it. How to demonstrate to other people for great output. How to be patient. So many things like curious listening to my family and colleagues. I was lacking by something but now I found a path to go through .it creates a better understanding between family and office. I am confident now that I can do everything in a better way and amazing outputs. I am adoptable and people are supportive. Thank you all staff and to Vibhuti sir.

Ashutosh Kumar Joshi

Chief controller of accounts

The workshop has really been phenomenal in showing my personality traits. I have taken from this workshop that a person can change himself at any stage of life cycle. Apart this commitment and execution of assignments entrusted must be perfectly and optimally deliverable, visible and also source of inspiration for others. The beauty if the workshop was learning with real life experiences. The participants are to be aligned with these values added experiences. Constantly to benefit their friends, family and organisation

Nita Kumari

This workshop helped me to become specific, systematic and consistent towards goals of my life and create path. It provides a platform to understand correlation of belief with action and their impact on productivity in each relation. I am the writer, creator of my success, freedom and explored myself. I have also learnt to make action tracker for which earlier I was so hesitant. The course is: ? Mind blowing ? Game changing ? Life changing

Young Adults conclave : propel lifetime passion
Sai Janga

Different excerices communicating with our loved ones, close family and started talking to them about my passion. I understand my thoughts and what I think. Now I think I am read to follow my passion.i discovered my passion is writing and I wrote few articles, it has been appreciated by my friends & family

Youth Growth and Leadership Program
Shrikant Luharia

Aspiring Software Developer and Computer Science Engineer

I now have no fear to speak and I can now appear in my interview with full confidence. Thanks to Team NeoPatterns as their sessions have changed my style for my betterment and growth. Now I only take actions without any fear.

Leadership and Management Development Programs
Dominic Shree Vardhan

City Head, Operations - LetsTransport

This program has helped me to really think about the other person and my pattern of behavior that was initially not leading to the intended results. With the application of forwarding patterns, I am now able to handle my perception of the other person to arrive at a suitable conclusion. I can now clearly communicate and share the expectations and accept the points though conflicting due to the new patterns created.

Sumit Sharma

Head of HR at Mahima Group

I was very impressed and very grateful to Mr. Sanjeev Sachdev for his remarkable and superior approach that is handled in a professional manner. They are just incredible with how they translate complex application of mind into usability in the area of productivity, motivation, confidence. The reference materials are very comprehensive and an excellent means of conveying the information. Employees felt encouraged, enthused, reformed with great level of confidence on their face after the training. They found that their level of thinking is stretched. They enjoyed the training a lot with interest. As an HR, It was a wonderful experience for me and my team.