About the Workshop:

What and for whom:
  • This foundational workshop provides tools to identify with clarity the exact meaning each individual associates with fulfilment, and chart the actions to achieve it.
  • It is about moving from a “State of Stress” to “Goals that matter” for their business or profession
  • This is a 12-day workshop specifically designed for working professionals, medium level managers, self-employed small and medium scale industrialists, proprietors, women entrepreneurs, social activists, professors and teachers.

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Focus Areas:

Daily Motivation, Managing Conflicts, Collaboration, Relationships, habit, Subconscious Mind, Mental Health, Self – love, self-help, self-development, beliefs, tools for success, life lessons, story-telling, learning, mindset, personal time, gratitude

We impart learning about the tools of the human mind that specifically address the key areas of:

  • Connecting to Core Strengths
  • Maximising Potential
  • Managing Fear
  • Driving Sustainable growth
  • Nurturing Relationships

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Workshop  Benefits 
Back to Kindergarten 
  • Reconnect to your core strengths through actions 
  • Maximize your Potential in the Current Situation 
Managing Fear 
  • Identifying what stops you  
  • Powerfully Going beyond your Fears 
Growth and Sustainability 
  • Enhancing Creativity & Solutioning 
  • Managing Conflicts 
  • Collaborating beyond boundaries 
Creating BOND 
  • Belongingness 
  • Ownership 
  • Nurture 
  • Diversify 

Be the BOND in all your Relationships. 

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