Creating Bond

B – Belongingness

O – Ownership

N – Nurture

D – Diversify

About the Program:

This Family Coaching program brings a new level of joy, happiness and togetherness for families.

  • It uses a combination of questioning, listening and brain-based coaching techniques
  • Individual members of families shed upsets and anger to rekindle their love for each other
  • The language and expression through self-awareness to
  • drivedeeper belongingness and ownership
  • nurture and diversify all relationships

Focus Areas:

  • Develop Strong Family Bonds – Trust, Empathy, Safety for Self-Expression
  • Recognition and Acceptance of Values
  • Connection with strong sense of reality
  • Deep belongingness
  • Shared Vision for the family with deep relationships
  • Strong methods to handle difficult situations
  • Bridging Generation Gap

Coaching comprises of sessions with the whole family or with individuals and smaller groups.

Through powerful questioning, we recognize the challenges and key outcomes for each individual and together for the family. We provide tools to consciously handle each situation in line with their vision. Our coaching ensures that these BOND-ing practices get embedded as their way of life.