About the Program:

A training program for management teams including department heads and high potential managers earmarked for leadership roles.

Our focus areas include:

Employee Engagement – shift from satisfied employee to engaged employee, connect with Vision- Mission-Values of the organisation

Effective Delegation – increased productivity, team growth

Collaboration – conflict management, effective intervention

This program is a “catalyst for boundary-less behaviour”. It allows for defining, driving and measuring actions that demonstrate velocity in delivering results.

Existing Patterns

  • I am in this particular role only
  • Management does not support risk-taking
  • The value of our department is not recognized
  • I am paid below market benchmark


  • I am a problem-solver for my organisation
  • Creativity and positive attitude are celebrated
  • I lead by example for mentoring and people development
  • I am a part of high-potential development

The module of the Leadership Development Program is designed around the following results:

  • Mindfulness
  • Straight Communication
  • Employee Engagement
  • Focus on Results
  • Productivity
  • Demonstration of Values
  • Ownership and Responsibility
  • Management by delegation