About the Program:

Customized Business Coaching program based on individual requirements and industry best practices for specific market segment. We provide coaching for results during the program followed by continued support to sustain new patterns of performance.

Focus Areas:

Sales Growth – sales and negotiation skills, increasing clientele, repeat business, risk mitigation

Develop Self-sustaining teams – business development, increasing productivity, talent development, delegation

Self-development – leadership, powerful communication, rich relationships, self-confidence

Algorithm for Success [Learn – Act – Grow (the new LAG)]

Existing Patterns

  • My team is incapable
  • I am all alone
  • Market does not support growth
  • No work-life balance


  • My team can perform independently
  • I am an asset, I take pride in my business
  • There are no geographical boundaries, I can sell anywhere
  • I enjoy at work and achieve at home

The module of the Leadership Development Program is designed around the following results:

  • Innovation and Market Research
  • Powerful and Contextual Communication – Public Speaking, Leading Teams
  • Focus on Results and Success – Manage fear of failure
  • Productivity and Effectiveness
  • Emotional Management – Resilience, Ownership and Responsibility
  • Evolution from an Entrepreneur to an Investor
  • Management by delegation