About the Workshop:

This is a transformational program for people that allows new behaviors on

  • Being self-driven
  • Creating sustainable structures to maintain productivity and effectiveness
  • Complete ownership and responsibility in all goals
  • Development of personal relationships and health

What and for Whom: People from all walks of life can benefit from this program. This is our signature group coaching program for adults seeking transformation in any area of their life through experiential learning. It includes weekly group sessions as well as individual coaching engagement.

This program is unique owing to:

The impersonal nature of brain-based conversations

The power of deep learning from others’ experience in a safe space and

The personalized hand-holding by experienced coaches

Focus Areas:

Goals, Life Skills, Discovering Passion, Long lasting habits, Strong relationships, Managing time, learning mindset, Self-expression, Taking charge of life, Responsibility, Creativity, Managing Fear and Uncertainty.

What we do : A 30-hour program phased out over eight weeks as follows:

  • 8 weekly group coaching sessions of three hours each
  • 7 one-on-one immersive NeoCoaching conversations for reviewing and monitoring progress