About the Program:

A program for youth aged 18 years to 24 years to develop their life skills including communication, planning and strategy, self-awareness, demonstrating leadership.
This program empowers youth to acquire tools that enable them to enhance their employability, career path and financial decisions.
Participants gain independence in meaningful employment or personal enterprise.

Who can attend the program:

School pass-out students, fresh graduates/diploma holders, first time job seekers, skilled and semi-skilled youth.


Focus Areas:

  • Empowering Decisions – Effective Communication, Decision-Making, Financial Clarity
  • Conditioning Self – Overcoming Anxiety, Managing emotions, Building confidence
  • Demonstrating Leadership – Being winsome, Managerial influence, Being a mentor versus boss

This program makes participants “experience being limitless” in all areas of their lives and becoming an inspiring, future-ready leader.

The Value Proposition:

We lead programs and coach youth on developing new patterns of performance.


The program is focused on inculcating habits in youths enabling them in:

  • Managing Expectations
  • Being Mindful
  • Being Innovative
  • Being Agile
  • Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset: Be future ready from College to Corporate