Sannat Sachdev is our resident monk. He is a personal growth junkie who is always looking for fresh ideas to challenge and expand his own beliefs. He believes in cultivating ‘unlearning and learning’ as a lifelong virtue, in order to maximize his potential.

After graduating as an architect in 2015, he worked across the biggest architectural firms in the country moving from Pune and then Ahmedabad. After a 4.5 year fast growing career in architecture, he decided to make some big changes and radically alter his lifestyle. This was a pursuit stemming from his commitment to his personal growth and the dream to build a minimal and holistic lifestyle.

Being an avid outdoor enthusiast and a student of nature, he decided to move to a small village in Himachal Pradesh. The slow village life appeals to the very core of his philosophy. He is a passionate trail runner who loves running in the mountains around him for a couple of hours on a daily basis. Running is a constant for him, something that he has found to bring harmony to his daily life.

He strives to continually seek balance in life between work, fun, family, adventure and new experiences. He is an optimist by default and loves to infuse the same energies of ‘limitless possibilities and creation’ within those around him.

He is currently engaged with creating content for our online presence across all digital platforms. Passionate about getting people connected to ‘their best version’, he is also getting trained to become a certified life coach. His aim is to have everyone around him ‘create and live the life they have always wanted for themselves’.