Shirish P. Sebastian is an International Educator and Wellness Coach. Shirish Peter Sebastian, a native of Pune (India) hails from a God loving family. Has travelled across the length and breadth of India and is a globe trotter over two decades. His genial skills helped him bag the honor of representing Goa-Gujarat-Maharashtra for two consecutive terms at the National Consultative Body for the Youth Commission. His interactions with people from different walks of life, different professional backgrounds. different age groups and extensive travel has equipped him as a versatile Life Coach, Transformational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Parenting Skills Guru, Trainer par excellence in ‘Public Speaking’ and ‘Spiritual Leadership’.

He has conducted sessions globally for entrepreneurs, professionals, students in areas of developing an entrepreneurial mindset, health and stress management. He derives inspiration by challenging the young hearts to think ‘global’ and awakening the ‘entrepreneur’ within them.

His belief in continuous learning is the reason behind connecting with the soul of teachers and nudging them to; ‘Be the Change’. Thus, he is on the path to also enhancing ‘Creativity in Education’ by encouraging Principals to ‘Think out of the box’.

He promotes practical ‘Spiritual Leadership’ across the globe.

With a Certificate in Basics of Ayurveda from the International Academy of Ayurveda, he is spreading awareness on health, stress & long lasting life-style change.

An Author by passion, he has published the World’s First Book on Ayurveda in Braille; ‘AYURJYOTHI’.

For over two decades, he has travelled four continents, trained Corporates, addressed over a million Students, oriented over thousands of Teachers/ Parents and hundreds of Principals. He is selflessly serving the ‘Selfie Generation’.

Shirish preaches what he practices and is an epitome of doing things as he says.