The Psychology and The Economics of Being Kind.

By Admin On Jul 26, 2022

I’m sure that many of us have experienced the benefits of being kind to others. Not only does it make our lives better, but we also benefit from helping other people.

Kindness is a powerful force that can change your world for the better. In addition, it can be used as a tool to improve your relationships with friends, family members, co-workers, and even strangers. Herein, I will share some ideas on how kindness helps in corporate life and life in general.

If you want to get ahead at work or just become more successful overall, then learning about the power of kindness is something you should consider doing today! When we are kind towards others, they feel appreciated, which makes them want to do more for us too! This creates an upward spiral where both parties benefit from each other’s actions – all because one person was kind enough to show appreciation for another person’s efforts. Now isn’t that amazing? The truth is there are so many ways that being kind can help you achieve success not only at work but also throughout your entire day-to-day routine!

Let me give you some examples…

1. Kindness makes you bright – Research has shown that being kind to others helps to make us more intelligent, open-minded and better problem solvers.
2. Kindness gives you a competitive edge – It is a well-known fact that employers want friendly people who care about their fellow employees. So if you’re going to get ahead at work, then I suggest showing your co-workers some kindness regularly!
3. Being kind will help you earn respect – In life, earning respect can be complex, but it’s even harder to make people’s trust unless they know that we care about them as human beings! Just consider this for a moment… Whenever another person has wronged us, what is the first thing we do? We try to punish them for their actions… But if they show us kindness instead, then our mindset changes! For instance, have you ever told someone that your car wouldn’t start so that you could get a ride to work with them? I know that I have used this trick before, but now that I think about it… Was the ride worth the guilt of lying? Wouldn’t it be better if everyone just showed more kindness towards each other?
4. Kindness helps us earn money – As business owners here at A NeoPatterns, we know how difficult it can be to make enough money to support yourself and your family. That’s why one of our mottos is: “Make every customer a raving fan!” This way we can earn more money from those who appreciate our hard work! So what do you think… Do you want to be so good at your job that your boss pays you more? Then show your co-workers and clients some kindness regularly and watch as they start becoming so impressed by your actions that they tell other people about the great things that you have done for them – which in turn will bring you even more business!
5. Kindness helps us become healthier – Doing nice things for others has been shown to help lower blood pressure, reduce stress, decrease feelings of depression and anxiety, etc. In fact… If you spend an hour helping out someone else, research has shown that you will feel an emotional boost for up to a full day afterward!
6. Kindness can help save your life – In today’s world, there are lots of horrible things happening daily… But what if we were all more kind towards each other? Wouldn’t the world become a safer place because people would be watching out for one another instead of trying to hurt them? Well, I think so, and that’s why I believe in kindness so much!
7. Kindness is contagious – Did you know that being kind is a habit like anything else? The truth is after weeks and months of showing kindness towards others; then it becomes something you do without even thinking about it anymore! Research has shown that by the end of a school year, children who had been kind for 42 days straight became more popular, earned higher grades, and even ate healthier than their peers who had not been kind throughout the school year…

So what are you waiting for!

Start being kind to others regularly and watch your life change in beautiful ways.


Author – Subuhi Akhtar

She is a Kindness Expert and Family Coach who is on a journey to spread kindness in the world through her coaching and mentoring. She is also passionate about bringing families together by way of neuroscience-based coaching programs.

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