Two faces of life – the Real One Happening Now, and The Meaning we associate

By Admin On Apr 29, 2022

क्या मुझे भी अधिकार है रोने का… अपनी feelings express करने का?

My source of energy, my powerhouse, my friend, my father completed his journey of life on 11th June

मुझे तो सब पता है, I am a Life Coach,

I know everything. I know the design of the human brain that it’s basic programming is survival_ and at this moment it’s a _threat_ to my survival because my power my source of energy my father isn’t there.

As far as knowledge domain is concerned it’s great, समझ के स्तर पर सही है लेकिन अब करूँ क्या???

I don’t have an access to cope up with pain, grief, sadness.

Then I thought any person who’s a doctor, artist, minister, poet, scientist, judge or collector, apart from his position/profession/job title वो सबसे पहले human being है।

सबका दिल एक-सा धड़कता है, सबकी feelings and emotions होते हैं।


I am also a human being apart from being a Life Coach…suddenly I got compassion for myself और फिर खूब रोया खूब रोया खूब रोया and expressed fully my emotions and feelings. A bit relieved, *and then something opened up and my understanding about neuroscience gave me the real answer कि जब कोई अपना चला जाता है तो इतना दुःख होता क्यों है… as per neuroscience, brain has no capability to distinguish between me and the things or people I’m associated with. Like when I’m driving a car for my brain me and car are one, that’s why I can drive easily in traffic, I’m rather unconscious about the other corner of the car, my brain takes care of it on its own very easily.

Similarly, my brain can’t distinguish between me and the people that I associate with. As an example, if someone wrongs my family member, friend or relative with whom I’m associated, my brain reacts or protects them immediately.

You can check this in your own living experience.


So, my brain cannot distinguish my relationship and the association with my father, because my father and I are not different for me. He is my own. We are one!

अब मेरे father के जाने का मतलब मेरा एक हिस्सा, मेरा एक part ख़तम हो गया… एक हिस्सा मर गया… दर्द तो होगा जब मेरा एक हिस्सा मुझसे कटेगा …


And I created a NeoConversation – NeoPattern for myself in my brain that Maa and Papa are having good time together up there somewhere in the sky and giving blessings to the entire family. Since then the whole family is at peace and remembering parents while recalling all memories with pride, happiness and power.

One has to get that you are not your brain, YOU HAVE BRAIN
AND, brain does its job. It runs you.

It’s you who can distinguish the meaning created by brain and reality by just bringing some awareness. And, not get run by it.

At the same time I’m not denying that hurt, pain or feelings aren’t real. It’s there but the source of all of it is the meaning given by brain…and meanings are meanings! Not reality.

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